The Atalaia - Experience, offers two types of services to the visitor. On one hand it offers the Hiking – Experience with it’s admirable trails along the wild west coast called the Vicentina Coast. Trails include the Atalaia trail, the village, the smugglers’ trail, the fishermen’s trail, the world’s end trail, and the south trail...and of course the rota vicentina!

On the other hand, so that the experience is more compelling, Atalaia also offers the Theme – Experiences some of which are seasonal. These experiences transport us into a sensorial dimension in which the hiker becomes interactive with the landscape. These include a wild mushroom picking walk, a bee observation walk, a shellfish walk, a kichen-garden walk, and a meditation walk. The unique opportunity for the hiker to pick, catch and cook this local produce allows him to take away a Sensorial memory which covers not only the Landscape, the Smells and the Light of the Cape St Vincentina coast, but also its Taste!