Nicolau is our guide! An explorer at heart, his childhood garden was the Vincentina coast. His intense experiences in this natural scenery were the foundation of his later training as a landscape architect. Having travelled round the world, Nicolau's passion drew him back to this part of the world in order to dedicate himself to activiites linked more directly to nature, such as nature guiding, professional fishing and seafood harvesting, vegetable growing and many others.
Thus Nicolau shares his love for this particular place by taking us down paths many of which are unfrequented and which would be difficult to access any other way.

For in spite of his lonely past, Jonathan Seagull was born to be an instructor, and his own way of demonstrating love was to give something of the truth that he had seen, to a gull who asked only for the chance to see truth for himself.
Richard Bach, Johnathan Livingston Seagull