More than a simple Walk, an Experience…
Because a walk can be much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Atalaia's vision is to tell the story of the natural landscape which is going to be discovered. The guide thus turns into a story teller. He tells the secrets of the green and the blue and the brown that will be encountered all along the way.
These walks take part in the Saint Vincent Natural Park which is a nature reserve extending throughout a 110km narrow stretch of coast in southern Portugal. It is undoubtedly immensly rich in its biodiversity and natural beauty.
Through the proposed walks the hiker will encounter unique sensorial experiences and a feeling of being part of the place and the moment.
The Atalaia-Experience is working to Value, Promote and to make more Dynamic, not only the region but also the local culture, the people and their traditions. The aim being to combine the natural elements with the human aspect in order to make a sustainable relationship to better understand this precious and fragile ecosystem.