Each participant must wear adequate footwear and clothing for hiking according to the time of the year.
Remember that during the summer season from May to September, strong north winds usually blow and therefore although it is summer you may need warm clothing.
During Autumn, Winter and Spring it is frequent to have the 4 seasons in the same day, and therefore it is important to have a waterproof garment in case of rain, as well as a hat and sun cream.

Except in the case of weekly hiking packs* (see trekking holiday packs info), in which transport is included, commuting to the meeting points of each trail and activity is the responsibility of the participant.
Being linear type trails, Atalaia provides a mini bus that will collect you at the end of each trail and bring you back to your vehicule at the begining of the trail.

If you have no means of transport, Atalaia can offer you a pickup service within a distance radius of 30 km, which implies an additional cost of 15€ pax ( per person?).
Activities must be booked more than 24 hours in advance in order to activate necessary insurances and check the weather forecast.
Maximum participants for the Hiking - Experience are 10 persons.
Maximum participants for the Theme – Experiences :

Walk and wild Mushrooms
Max. participants : 6

Walk and Seafood
Max. participants : 2

Walk and Bees
Max. participants : 6

Walk and Vegetables
Max. participants : 8

Walk and Meditate
Max. participants : 8